Canary Mainnet

Posted May 28, 2021 by Reef Developers ‐ 2 min read

The Reef mainnet is launching in “canary” mode. Reef chain is not just an Ethereum clone - is built from ground up with new blockchain technology, and as such carries risk of potentially disruptive bugs.

For this reason we are opting in for a slow release. The mainnet is available for developers to deploy their Solidity smart contracts and develop DeFi applications using Reef chain.

Our goal for the next quarter is to improve developer tooling and encourage ecosystem development. Once the chain is deemed stable we will be enabling the liquidity bridge between BSC and Reef chain, as well as increase the NPoS validator slots.

Reef Console

Reef Console offers a blockchain UI for advanced users. It covers accounts, extrinsics, RPC calls, scripts and more.

Remix IDE

The Remix IDE has seen multiple improvements and can be used to deploy Solidity smart contracts on Reef Testnet as well as Mainnet. It is available at

Solidity Verifier

Reefscan now supports smart contract validation, which enables the public repository of smart contracts source code and ABI’s. Example of verified contract can be found here.

Developer support

We are inviting developers to join us in Reef’s Discord server with any questions related to Reef chain. Make sure to verify your account, then select the Builder role in 📋┊start-here. You will get access to the Reef chain testnet faucet in 🚰┊faucet.