Reef v10 is live on mainnet

Posted August 4, 2022 by Reef Developers ‐ 1 min read

Reef v10 features and improvements:

  • on chain multisig accounts
  • transaction batching support (via Utilities pallet)
  • consistent storage costs across all modules
  • removed storage deposit refund when destructing live contracts
  • enhanced EVM events with additional metadata (caller/maintainer and gas usage)
  • ability to create forks in development mode

Upgrade instructions

The node operators do not need to do anything, because this release will be rolled out as an on-chain runtime upgrade.

All apps must upgrade the their evm-provider to the latest version on NPM. All apps interacting with EVM must upgrade their event processing logic according with the v10 changes.

Live rollout

Developer support

We are inviting developers to join us in Reef matrix chat with any questions related to Reef chain. The developer chat can also be used to interact with the automated Reef chain testnet faucet.